1 Hotels, Pure & Natural

1 Hotel South Beach I love this hotel! It's one of my favorite places in Miami to work from. The lobby is opened, with lots of natural light and plenty of nooks to settle into. There is a great juice bar in the lobby called Nativ Made. The chopped salad is also a favorite at Beachcraft, the hotel's signature restaurant. 

1 Hotel Group gets it. Their values are very much in line with ours, making positive changes to save our planet. Inspired by nature, throughout the property you will find natural materials, lots of green plants, art inspired by nature and fresh organic foods from seven unique dining outlets.

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A quest for the best hotel kid amenity

What's life really like after kids? Have you given up any of your pre-children favorite things to do like traveling, expensive restaurants or shopping sprees? I must admit that I have never been a big shopper and I have definitely cut down on the restaurants (instead I spend all my money at Wholefoods). Traveling, however, has not slowed down. Last year I became a Local Expert for Conde Nast Johansens. This means I travel to some of the best hotels & resorts in the Caribbean and South Florida, hand selecting properties for Conde Nast's exclusive hotel collection. In any case, now in this new phase of traveling as someone's mom I am excited to explore the best hotels from a new perspective. What's important to moms is totally different than a single 20-something independent traveler. 

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