Traveling Mom

I just arrived to London. This will be my longest trip away from my 2 year old Robbie (5 nights / 6 days). At this stage, Robbie understands everything we say. I tell him ahead of time that I am going away on the airplane for a few days and that I always come back. That’s my motto, that I always come home. He understand the words, and asks “RaRa Plane?”. I reply, No, Sweetie, This time just Mommy is going away, but I always come home. He isn’t happy and it seems he is more attached to me the rest of the day after I broke the news. On the way to the airport, he asks again, “RaRa Plane?” and cries when I leave him behind. And when we speak today he seems upset that I'm not there. 

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1 Hotels, Pure & Natural

1 Hotel South Beach I love this hotel! It's one of my favorite places in Miami to work from. The lobby is opened, with lots of natural light and plenty of nooks to settle into. There is a great juice bar in the lobby called Nativ Made. The chopped salad is also a favorite at Beachcraft, the hotel's signature restaurant. 

1 Hotel Group gets it. Their values are very much in line with ours, making positive changes to save our planet. Inspired by nature, throughout the property you will find natural materials, lots of green plants, art inspired by nature and fresh organic foods from seven unique dining outlets.

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