Meet Alex Issaev

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Alex Issaev, an eloquent teacher and focused student of movement arts, Alex began his training in Martial Arts at age 13.  He has studied Kung Fu, Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi for over 15 years.

After shattering his foot during training, he began studying the therapeutic healing arts, which are a large part of yoga and martial arts.  He has since rehabilitated many injuries using Therapeutic Yoga and Chi Gong, and offers these insights during his teacher training programs.

His first yoga teachers were Kino Macgregor and Tim Miller at Miami Life Center, where he studied Ashtanga Vinyasa. After learning Ashtanga, he pursued education with teachers of sequence design and internal yogas.  He finished a 500 hour certification with United Yoga School, and completed Andrey Lappa’s level 1 and level 2 certification program.

Alex is known for his charisma and kindness, introducing students to advanced concepts and practices in the most simple and accessible ways.  He is also a student of the shamanic arts, and brings dignity, intelligence and mysticism to everything he touches.