Aerial Yoga


Science & Soul Wellness Center in Belize is the ideal Retreat Center for Aerial Yoga.

Aerial yoga uses a silk hammock (also known as an aerial swing) to perform traditional asanas (yoga poses) and other acrobatic moves.  The aerial hammock gives students the freedom to perform postures that they may not ordinarily be able to achieve on the yoga mat.

Aerial yoga helps create space in the body, helps in the detoxification process and  assists with balance in the body and mind.  Doing yoga in the aerial hammock allows space to be created in the joints, and for lengthening in the muscles and ligaments. Weightless inversions stimulate the lymphatic system and detoxify the body and decompress the vertebrae and lengthen the spine.  Aerial yoga also helps calm the mind and practitioners will find it to be a natural source of relaxation. 

One does not have to have a regular yoga practice to do aerial yoga.  Many students come to aerial yoga class with no prior yoga experience and can fly high on their first try.

Check out our next Aerial Yoga Retreat at Science & Soul Wellness Center in Belize hosted by Meredith Weil this August 2018. Meredith combines her background in alignment and restorative yoga in a mindful, fun practice that helps the practitioner build self-confidence,  increase  range of motion and flexibility as well as gain upper body and core strength.

Come Find Your Wings and Soar with us!