Traveling can really take a toll on the body. You never what what crazy travel adventure lays ahead.  Traveling around the Caribbean I have been rerouting to different islands unexpectedly and been on several flights in one week. Here are a few tips that help me stay balanced & WELL.

1. Stay Hydrated

There is no doubt that Water is the best way to hydrate your body. Water allows proper circulation, boosts your mood and prevents fatigue. Limit the amount of coffee or alcohol you may have while traveling as this will dehydrate you. Buy a bottle of water as soon as you pass through security. 

2. Be Rested

Be sure to rest WELL the night before traveling. The physical act of traveling can be exhausting and you never know if you’ll experience delays or cancelations. 

3. Move Your Body

Don't be Shy about moving your body. Sitting for long periods of time creates pain and tension in the body. Blood clots can be a serious risk for some people. Stretching and walking on the plane helps increase blood flow. You can easily stretch you arms and legs out even while sitting. But be sure to get up and walk on the plane. Next time on the plane try the following:

      • Face Stretches
      • Shoulders Rolls
      • Spinal Twists
      • Ankle Circles

4. Dress Comfortable

Wear loose comfortable clothes while traveling and don’t forget to pack something warm as airports and planes can be very cold. I travel with a blanket, long sleeves and pants, even to the Caribbean. I also like to pack socks for the plane. 

5. Pack Essential Carry-on Items

  • Extra travel battery to recharge iPhone
  • Healthy Snacks & Nuts
  • My own blanket for long flights
  • doTERRA Pure therapeutic grade essential oils