Meet Jody Potter

Jody has always been a student of life. As a seeker, she explored meditation and dabbled in yoga as exercise, and eventually “discovered” yoga. In 2002, while attending an Iyengar class she had the realization that this was her new frontier. Little did she know how the journey of yoga would become a journey into life itself. Encompassing all her passions, the pulse of yoga allowed her to move deeper into the exploration of self on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.

After a horse accident, she developed debilitating back issues, ones she is still working with.  With the desire to share the joy of movement with meditative awareness and how it heals and empowers, Jody decided to take her teacher training with Todd Norian , founder of Ashaya Yoga.  Ashaya is an alignment based yoga that invites in the practice of balance and flexibility while building strength. One leaves the class calm, focused, and inspired.

Jody's goal in teaching is to support people where they are, encourage them to do what they can, and to enrich their confidence on and off the mat.  This combination makes for happier lives.  When we are happy, all those around us are happier too. Life, enthusiasm and love are contagious. Let’s change the world!

Jody is co-hosting the 3rd Annual Beauty of Being Retreat at Mukul Resort in November. 

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