Meet Joseph Armstrong


WX: How did you begin your Journey to Living a Conscious Lifestyle?

JA: In 2012 I traveled to India to try and live off the grid for a little while. After a month of volunteering for a reforestation project I found myself headed to Mysore, a great center of yoga. Though I had practiced regularly since 2008, this would become my first intensive and my first preparation for teaching. I spent a month in daily practice and philosophical study. After returning to the states I taught my first yoga class in Washington DC.

WX: What are your Personal Wellness Rituals or Routines?

JA: As a yoga practitioner, my asana practice often leaves me quite sore, so I set out time for hot baths with muscle soothing salts. As a teacher I spend a lot of time with hands on the bodies and sometimes emotions of others. I counter this with plenty of solitude.

WX: Is there a particular place in the World that inspires you most?

JA: Traveling through Turkey I discovered a great love for Istanbul. A city of stunning architecture, delicious food, and colonies of charming feral cats running every street. After that city we rented a car and road tripped down the stunning Mediterranean coast. I left the country enamored.

WX: What are your essential items to Pack for a Wellness Retreat?

JA: As little as possible! I like traveling light, feeling free. ❤️

WX: If there is one thing you hope for people to take away from your Retreat what would it be?

JA: Uncluttered sincerity. (If that's too simple then maybe: An increasing sense of compassion and love towards self so that we might become more allowing and loving of others.)

WX: How has your Yoga & Spiritual practice changed your life?

JA: I've come to cherish the idea of pausing. Of not acting too quickly. Of listening. Noticing how, even when emotions are high, it is possible to sense the space between thoughts, and to relax into that place.


Fresh and simple.


Adventures with my partner. Beach bumming.


What's the point of living if you don't want to dance?


Fearlessly, off the beaten path.


Snuggles with my dogs.