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Meet Eddy Rivero

We love Eddy and have watched him grown into an incredible, well-respected teacher. He is calm and confident and fun to be around. We are thrilled to have him co-host our upcoming retreat to Rosalie Bay in Dominica. Read More to discover what inspires Eddy.

WX: How did you begin your Journey to Living a Conscious Lifestyle?

ER: I began practicing Yoga when I was 17. At first, my motivations were pretty average. All I was looking for was to become a bit stronger and perhaps gain some flexibility as well. Over time, my motivations for practicing morphed into a longing for the new found discipline I experienced while taking on this new regime, and a curiosity for how I can create health and stability in my body.

WX: Is there a particular place in the World that inspires you most?

ER: Wherever I am at the moment.

WX: What are your essential items to Pack for a Wellness Retreat?

ER: Yourself.

WX: If there is one thing you hope for people to take away from your Retreat what would it be?

ER: The one thing I would hope my students take from coming on this retreat is, the inspiration to push forward or start a new practice when they're back home. Also, the tools and confidence to take their practice on for themselves.

WX: How has your Yoga & Spiritual practice changed your life?

ER: For me, Yoga has provided the means to structure my day to day routines, as well as set up a platform with which to explore deeper questions about myself. More so, through that same platform, I've become aware of unfruitful habits, thus trying to rewire them in ways that serve a greater purpose.











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