Baby Alpaca, Warm & Cozy

Alpaca Friends

Alpaca Friends

Being in London makes me want to snuggle up with something warm & cozy. I travel wearing a light gray Baby Alpaca zip up hoodie by YOGiiZA, which is great for going from warm weather in Miami to the cooler temperatures in London. My favorite is a Baby Alpaca Blanket for home or on the airplane. We sell these beautiful blankets to luxury hotels and will add them to the website for online sales soon. Have your tried baby alapaca, which is softer and more cozy than wool or cashmere? 

Alpaca History

Alpaca are magical creatures with a very long history.  Native to South America they were treasured by the ancient Inca civilization. Their fine fleeces were reserved for the Incan royalty.  Alpaca domestication started some 6000 years ago. They are thought to be a cross between vicuna and llama.  Thousands of years before the Romans ruled the Mediterranean a vibrant economy existed based on the breeding and production of Alpaca. The fleece of that time is assumed to be even more luxurious than that of today. The Spanish conquest of the region nearly drove Alpaca to extinction. The surviving Inca fled to the most remote parts of high Andes bringing their prize alpaca with them.

It was not until the late 1800’s that Sir Titus of London rediscovered Alpaca.  He realized the high quality fiber and began promoting its use in the finest textile mills and fashion houses of Europe.

Alpaca Today 

Today Alpaca is widely known as the finest, lightest and softest of all the wool type fibers in the world. Alpaca are an integral part of the indigenous culture of Peru and Bolivia. Most Alpaca alive today exist in Peru. Some have been exported but the fleece that grows in the high Andes of Peru is the highest quality.

Alpaca is used in the making of Garments, Shawls and blankets. Several features of the fleece make these items special.  It is the by far the warmest. Alpaca fibers contain tiny micro air pockets that create exceptional insolation while keeping it ultra lightweight.  These same air pockets make it breathable which allows it to keep cool in summer months. An Alpaca throw blanket is lightweight on your lap helping to regulate your perfect body temperature. A light alpaca sweater is warmer than most heavy weight jackets and more comfortable than any cotton sweatshirt.

Mother Nature has perfected the fleece of Alpaca in the forge of the most extreme weather found in the high Andes Mountains.  The fleece has several nature colors: White, Fawn, Caramel, Black, Gray, and Brown.  These are all made into blankets, Shawls, and garments without the use of dyes. The Texture of the material is its most outstanding characteristic. The Royal and Baby Alpaca is the best. The blankets are soft, soothing, comforting, luxurious and elegant. It is very distinctive. A quality Baby Alpaca throw can be handed down as a family treasure from generation to generation.

Message me if you'd like to buy one. 

Baby Alpaca Blankets by YOGiiZA

Baby Alpaca Blankets by YOGiiZA