Letting Go of Perfect

Happy Monday.

This weekend I noticed something about myself as I set out to accomplish the long list of things I wanted to do.  I have always been my own biggest competitor. From a young child in school, through college and into my career. You may call this ambition, determination or even aggression, but I think its actually an internal struggle with some ideal of perfection. What is perfect anyway?

Perfection is the opposite of contentment. Reflecting about my path I see a lot of hard work, excitement and lack of contentment.

The exciting part is the life I have chosen. Building a career in the travel industry was always exciting. In my 20s I loved visiting new places, meeting interesting people and of course staying at the best hotels around the world. In my 30s I got married and together with my husband set out to start YOGiiZA, our business venture as an organic yoga clothing brand. This exciting life does not come without a struggle. Not being truly happy with where I was on my journey and thinking happiness was at the next stage is the root of it.

Fast forward to the present. I am now a mother to a 14 month old little boy and juggling three new businesses and family life as the prime caretaker to Robbie. I could make a list of all the challenges of never having enough time but instead I will share some of the lessons learned. My little guy Robbie has shown me what contentment truly is and how to slow down to see all of the blessings.


The Takeaway

1.   Be ok with not getting everything done.   I have no magic tricks for doing it all, other than realizing that it's ok not to. This one is super hard for me. I often set myself up for failure because I pile so many responsibilities and expectations on myself that it would be impossible to do them all. I am learning to let go of having to complete the huge list and being happy with what I'm able to do.          

2.   Recognize Happy   There is nothing more important than a happy family. If you have a happy baby and happy husband life is good!  

3.   Have Gratitude   Contentment is about being grateful for the journey and seeing all of the blessings in life. I can choose to focus on the struggle or see and be grateful for the beauty in the present moment. There is so much to give thanks for no matter what the situation.

4. Slow Down   Wow, having a baby really teaches you to slow down. When I am calm and content, my baby is happy. Slowing down to observe Robbie is pretty special and a way to to stay present. More to come on this topic. 

5.  Reorganize & Reprioritize   Being content isn't about not trying to improve. It's a great opportunity for improvement because your not in a state of illusion. There is no perfect way to balance business and family life, instead it is a constant work of balancing. I am lucky to have a supportive husband and great assistant that help make the impossible possible.  


If you have gotten this far, I would like to thank you for reading this post. Writing a blog is new for me and quite honestly uncomfortable. I am amazed at the response I have received both online and in the community. So Thank you.

-Dawn 💜