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Karma Yoga at YOGiiZA

Karma Yoga at YOGiiZA

I feel lucky to have the opportunity of connecting with so many amazing people. First in the travel industry I enjoyed countless moments with clients and hoteliers from around the world for trade shows, sales calls, dinners, and FAM trips. Special bonds are formed traveling together and over conversations about incredible places. 

In the recent years I shifted directions and together with my husband Mark we started YOGiiZA, an organic yoga clothing company. At the beginning I had a hard time with this transition, feeling as if I was leaving my identity from the travel industry behind. Now I see things differently; it's all a journey for creating meaningful relationships.  Part of building a conscious brand is connecting with people.... lots and lots of people.  Each week for more than 4 years we opened our doors to host a community yoga class called Karma Yoga. This was not an ordinary yoga class. Each week there was a different guest teacher followed by potluck. Students and friends came from all over to connect with one another. We brought people together over yoga, food, music and overall good vibrations. It is amazing to see how many lasting friendships were formed during Karma Yoga and I am so grateful for it. 

This past weekend I heard some very sad news. A dear friend and "Karma Yoga Regular" was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident. What is present for me in this moment is how lucky I am to have known him. We held a space for an authentic conscious community to bloom and it was here that our paths crossed, spending many good times together. We never know how long people are in our lives and typically don't always understand the imprint they leave until they are gone. Thank you Alex Chun for being a bright, shining light. We are all lucky to have known you. 

For those of you who are reading this post, I am sure we have connected over the years. For however long or short that may have been it is meaningful for me. I may not be in touch every day, every month or even every year, but I truly enjoy keeping up with you through Facebook and now this blog. 

Thank you for listening. 💜