We travel to incredible places to uncover the best properties that understand Wellness Lifestyle. Expect all of the same luxuries you are accustom and so much more.  Our hand-selected Resorts offer a combination of Spa, fitness, yoga, meditation, golf, healthy gourmet cuisine and other outdoor activities. Each  property connects you with Nature, which is a key part of Wellness. 

Eat WELL, Play WELL, Travel WELL.

Upcoming Signature Retreats

Xplore new destinations on one of our Signature Wellness Retreats. Well Xplored Signature Retreats are purposely designed with lots of free time to enjoy all the wonders and beauty of each destination.  There is something so special about journeying together for shared group experience. Magic happens when connecting with others and Individual transformation occurs between the spaces. Each experience is your own. 

Wellness Travel Packages

We travel to incredible places tin in search of the best Wellness-minded properties with something unique to offer. Anytime Travel Packages are designed for Couples, Families and Friends traveling together. Perhaps you're interested in a Retreat, but rather not travel with a group or can't swing the dates. OR Maybe you're looking for a luxury property that understands lifestyle. We can custom create a Wellness package to fit your needs.

Custom Private Retreats

Wellness Retreats are a great way to bring your group together. We organize custom Wellness Retreats for Corporate Groups and Private Celebrations. Happy, Healthy people make great employees. Traditional activities such as golf, spa and water sports are combined with unique customizable Wellness Programs that inspire people. The combination of nature, movement, healthy gourmet cuisine and group spirit makes for an empowering retreat.